Digital Marketing has consistently been one of the top selling courses at Ourtutorials.
Since Shashi Kant Mani Tripathi, the man behind Ourtutorials himself has a keen interest in Digital Marketing, this course will definitely come out richer for the joinee.

Digital Marketing Overview, Internet and WWW, Search Engines, SEO, Google Ads, Google Adsense, Facebook Marketing, YouTube Marketing, E-Commerce Marketing, Mobile and Email Marketing, Affiliate Marketing and Freelancing

40 Days (1 Hour a day)

08:00 PM - 09:00 PM

Starting from:

Who are we?

Where are we found?

Why do we write?

For whom do we write?

Wanna write to us?

Linux Commands

Computer Networks

Python Programming

Computer System Architecture

HTML  CSS  W3.CSS  JavaScript  ReactJS

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